Digital Transformation

We can be the catalyst for your company's digital transformation.

Your business must evolve in order to compete. At a certain point, that means abandoning the old and embracing the new.

Legacy systems with inaccurate data, convoluted structure, and outdated infrastructure? Been there.

Paper-based processes and employees attached to them? Done that.

Siloed software leading to siloed business units (and vice versa)? Done that too.

We have the experience and expertise to guide your company through the pitfalls of digital transformation. We have strong experience:

  • Identifying the biggest pain points and largest opportunities for technology to transform your business
  • Laying out the sequence of steps and timeline to achieve the highest value in the shortest time frame
  • Guiding your executive team to engage in the change management practices necessary to succeed
  • Assisting with selecting the SaaS, on-premise, and custom solutions that will help your company capture value efficiently
  • Implementing and optimizing software solutions to interact seamlessly with business processes and vice versa

Our team can usher yours through this transition and leave your company ready for its next phase of growth.

We can transform your business too.

CorrDyn has been the ideal partner to shepherd us through our digital transformation.  In one year, they overhauled our data pipeline, expanded our BI platform, and unlocked new digital capabilities that drove engagement and revenue.  Realized value in terms of productivity, reach, revenue, and ability to sleep at night paid for their work many times over.  Great communication ensured we were always on the same page for requirements, deliverables, timing, and costs.

- Director of Strategy & Analytics, NBA Team

How We Measure Success

CorrDyn digital transformation engagements focus on:

  • Time to Value: How quickly can we drive value at your company through digitization and software-based process optimization?
  • Reliability: How can we minimize the time and money your company invests in maintaining the departments we have migrated?
  • Return on Investment: How can we maximize the return to your business from its newly implemented systems?

We want to prepare you for the next challenge: how to achieve the scale your business can now support.

Our Toolkit

We choose the tools that fit the job. We build on:

  • Clouds: AWS, GCP, and Azure
  • Internal Systems: CRM, ERP, CDN, Logistics, and Marketing Automation
  • Enterprise Software Providers: NetSuite, Salesforce, Hubspot, and various built-for-purpose solutions
  • Data Pipelines: PubSub + DataFlow, Lambda + Step Functions, Spark, Beam, Hadoop, FiveTran, Stitch, Custom Python
  • Storage Technologies:  Relational DBs, NoSQL DBs, ElasticSearch, Block Storage
  • Data Warehouses: BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift
  • Business Intelligence Suites: Tableau, Looker, PowerBI, Google Data Studio

Example Projects

Our Digital Transformation projects have included:

  • Migrating a 30-year-old e-commerce company from legacy systems into NetSuite
  • Enabling marketing automation at scale for a NBA Team
  • Integrating business systems with Hubspot CRM for an online education company
  • Architecting a platform migration for an online education company
  • Developing a modern system for legal document parsing and research for a legal services company
  • Building a research automation and internal trade booking system for a hedge fund

CorrDyn can help you understand the complexities of your business and provide solutions to become more efficient and grow. Learn more about how we can help you in your job function.