Ecommerce Company Data Engineering and ERP Implementation

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Our client, Company, is a major retailer and e-commerce platform for agricultural products and supplies, serving both B2B and B2C markets across North America. 


Company had grown over the years and was reliant on a variety of legacy systems that prevented the organization from achieving its next phase of e-commerce growth. 

These legacy systems forced the organization to rely on paper processes between different departments, locking valuable vendor and customer data in locations where it could not be effectively combined or managed. The organization’s efforts to increase profitability and flexibility were also stymied by the reliance on tenured people to manage their complex internal processes.

Company’s financial system epitomized the problem. The accounting department relied on a telnet interface built on top of D3, a database system popular in the late 1990’s. In order to achieve Company’s efficiency goals, the D3 system needed to be removed from the picture. Both driving and complicating this migration effort, Company was undergoing a financial audit.


The CorrDyn Team:

  1. Extracted data from the legacy, multi value data store utilizing a remote desktop and screen scripting solution. (This data was accessible only via desktop terminal.)
  2. Implemented NetSuite for accounting management and automation 
  3. Developed process to transform and translate records from legacy database into NetSuite’s data model
  4. Automated testing against printed records and historical financials from legacy system to ensure accuracy
  5. Produced ad-hoc financial reports during the migration process to assist with financial audit


CorrDyn took the Client’s Accounting department through a successful systems migration with minimal errors in their financial data on the new system.

CorrDyn’s work to extract and clean data enabled the Client to compile ad-hoc financial reports in hours instead of days. The CorrDyn team helped ensure that the Client was able to satisfy critical reporting requirements for the audit accurately and on time.

The Accounting department’s leadership team could complete its responsibilities without manually inputting historical financial data into the new system or manually manipulating historical data from the legacy system for financial reports.

Client was able to satisfy rigorous audit requirements on short notice that would not have been possible without CorrDyn’s automation of accounting processes.