Non-Profit Custom Application for Remote Counseling Services

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Our client (Non-profit) is a grant-funded, non-profit provider of mediation and conflict resolution counseling that provides services to underserved communities throughout middle Tennessee.  


Non-profit has traditionally offered in-person mediation counseling and services.  Non-profit leadership wanted to expand its reach to accommodate those who could not reasonably travel to their headquarters due to health, financial, or availability concerns.  In addition, they required a solution that would work with limited technology and network speed requirements.  

Non-profit requested assistance selecting the appropriate solution, which included unique requirements for video-conferencing that included the ability for breakout sessions that could be moderated by a member of the Non-profit team and could be configured to ensure privacy for participants when private communication was required.  

Initially, CorrDyn worked with Non-profit to review commercially available services.  The unique needs identified led to a determination that these systems would not be viable.  As a nonprofit organization, the Non-profit had limited resources to pursue a custom solution.  


The CorrDyn Team: 

  • Consulted with Non-profit to define a minimum viable product (MVP) that would meet the core requirements while staying within the budget of the grant provided for this project. 
  • Created a project plan and timeline that would operate within Non-profit’s budget while driving functionality as far forward as that budget would allow.  
  • Developed a prototype video-conferencing application that exceeded the Non-profit’s prototype business requirements while remaining under budget.  


Non-profit has been able to expand the scope of the MVP several times based on the progress CorrDyn has made during development.  They have been able to secure additional grant funding available for continuation of development and feature enhancement.  The development of this application has not only allowed Non-profit to provide services to the originally targeted population, but will allow Non-profit to continue to offer these critical services to its constituents during the COVID-19 health crisis and beyond.