For Human Resources

Monitor team performance, increase employee satisfaction, and enforce compliance.

Human Resources team responsibilities have grown tremendously over the years, with numerous tasks including measuring employee satisfaction, salary management and related budget management, benefits management, compliance monitoring, promotion selection, and of course, sourcing and hiring new staff.  CorrDyn can help streamline many of the day to day challenges that increase the overhead cost of HR by identifying problems and improving and automating manual tasks or by providing better data visibility to provide clear metrics for better strategic decision-making.

Business Intelligence 

  • Headcount vs departmental budgets
  • Work time vs. performance vs. goals
  • Employee profitability/cost
  • Benefits cost management
  • Employee reviews (occurrence and expectations)
  • Staff performance comparison for promotion  
  • Training compliance
  • Headcount forecasting
  • Salary growth rates
  • Employee satisfaction monitoring

Enterprise Software  

  • HR and benefits systems selection, implementation, and integration
  • Cloud HR system integration

Data Science  

  • Employee attrition modeling
  • Employee satisfaction modeling
  • Performance data to employee data (expense/forecast/budget/goal)

Process Automation  

  • HR process reminders for managers and employees
  • Audits for non-compliance
  • Onboarding  

Systems Integration  

  • HR system to CRM integrations
  • Internal purchase reporting/management/integration with vendors

Strategic Consulting  

  • Compliance training (HIPAA, FERPA, etc.)  
  • Compliance monitoring  

CorrDyn can help you understand the complexities of your business and provide solutions to become more efficient and grow. Learn more about our capabilities.