For Operations

Reduce inefficiencies, eliminate waste, and improve your bottom line.

Optimizing operations is a key component to ensuring that you are maximizing business efficiency to improve your bottom line.  Understanding the areas that can benefit from improvement and having insight into ongoing operational efficiencies are critical to growth.  CorrDyn can help you find areas for improvement and prepare you for scale.  

Business Intelligence 

  • Capacity monitoring
  • Operational KPI monitoring
  • Problem identification and mitigation
  • Quality assurance
  • Capacity planning
  • Breakdown/error monitoring and improvement
  • Operational strategy improvement
  • Performance monitoring and optimization
  • Inventory management & forecasting
  • Product quality, margin, and sales analysis
  • Resource allocation & planning

Enterprise Software  

  • ERP selection, implementation, and integration
  • Production monitoring
  • Quality assurance monitoring

Data Science  

  • 360-degree view of leads, sales, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, customer satisfaction
  • Identification of waste & inefficiency
  • Outcome metrics from service providers, vendors, and production processes
  • Predictive outcomes from operational metrics
  • Linear optimization and allocation
  • Sales location and delivery partner data
  • Vendor/partner/shipping data integration with ERP
  • Breakdown prediction
  • Quality control modelling
  • Early warning indicator modelling
  • Linear optimization
  • Inventory time series models

Process Automation  

  • Alerting systems
  • Resource allocation and management
  • Inventory purchasing  

Systems Integration  

  • Website administration improvement
  • E-Commerce process improvements
  • ERP to third party system integrations (website, vendor, shipping, supplier)
  • Website to warehouse
  • Resource monitoring applications
  • Internal purchase reporting/management/integration with vendors

Digital Transformation

  • Single source of truth for internal and external data integrations
  • Integrated visibility into enterprise-wide operational activities
  • Lower communication friction
  • Cloud or hybrid cloud adoption and integration

Strategic Consulting  

  • Data strategy for operational optimization
  • Improved understanding of internal and external processes
  • Technology strategy for reducing costs and improving uptime

CorrDyn can help you understand the complexities of your business and provide solutions to become more efficient and grow. Learn more about our capabilities.