CorrDyn is a data-driven technology consultancy that enables scalable and affordable growth. We help our clients leverage technology to be more efficient, understand and act on customer and business data, and implement business-critical systems.  

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What We Do

Data-driven technology is revolutionizing the way that business works. Successful companies meet and exceed their goals by developing and implementing processes and systems that leverage available technologies to gain a competitive advantage.  

At CorrDyn, we have a team of experts in data, engineering, and technology who partner with our clients to enable innovation, efficiency, and scale.  We provide strategic planning and implementation that allows for continual improvement on a sustainable budget, with a defined return on investment.

Whether you are just starting your digital transformation journey or require specific subject matter expertise, the CorrDyn team can help you define and deliver the solutions that will allow your business to grow as a leader in today’s economy

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Our Capabilities

Data Engineering

Technology Strategy

Systems Integration

Digital Transformation

Business Intelligence

Enterprise Software

Machine Learning

Process Automation

CorrDyn Difference

ROI Focus

User Training

Strategic Guidance

Value Oriented

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Case Studies

A medical billing company was looking to be aggressively innovative in the market by providing daily updates of their data to clients.

Legal startup engaged CorrDyn to continue development on a floundering project.

National sports team requested CorrDyn’s assistance with reviewing and modernizing their analytics pipeline.

Assisted an E-commerce company with evaluation of their existing IT strategy, made the determination that migration away from their legacy platform will reduce risk and drive agility in their technology offerings allowing for innovation and growth.

Increased Efficiency

Return on Investment

Improved Stability

Time to Value

How We Measure Success

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