Process Automation

Automate the processes that consume your company's time and resources.

Automation isn't about replacing workers. It's about freeing your people to concentrate on the decisions only they can make.

CorrDyn excels at combining enterprise software with customized integrations and custom applications to automate the business processes that consume excessive resources and distract your team from your sources of growth.

When your people are being crushed under the burden of manual processes, CorrDyn can help your company to:

  1. Define the business outcomes being driven by your internal processes
  2. Diagnose architectural factors that constrain your technology choices regarding automation
  3. Research and review potential solutions
  4. Select the solution that achieves the highest ROI and the shortest time to value.
  5. Implement the selected solution on time and within budget.

Companies that grow efficiently know how to strategically invest in process improvement. We want to be your long-term partner in automating processes that enable your company to grow your bottom line as you scale.

We fit our solutions to your needs.

CorrDyn was instrumental in building out various solutions that reduced back-office operations and allowed our teams to focus effort on more strategic revenue generating activities. We rely on them for their expertise across data and technology, reducing our need to make non-strategic hires to maintain systems. CorrDyn has been critical to our success, and we are extremely impressed by the value and quality of the work we receive.

- CEO, Hedge Fund

How We Measure Success

CorrDyn data engineering engagements focus on:

  • Time to Value: How quickly can we demonstrate value from process automation?
  • Reliability: How can we minimize the time and money your company invests in maintaining the automated process?
  • Return on Investment: How can we maximize the return to your business from the automated process?

We want to prepare you for the next challenge: how to use your team's extra time to drive growth for your business.

Our Toolkit

We choose the tools that fit the job. We build on:

  • Internal Systems: CRM, ERP, CDN, Logistics, Payment Processing, and Marketing Automation
  • Enterprise Software Providers: NetSuite, Salesforce, Hubspot, and various built-for-purpose solutions
  • Integration Pipelines: REST APIs, SOAP APIs, Custom APIs, App Engine, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, Lambda, SFTP
  • Clouds: AWS, GCP, and Azure
  • Storage Technologies:  Relational DBs, NoSQL DBs, ElasticSearch, Block Storage
  • Data Warehouses: BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift
  • Business Intelligence Suites: Tableau, Looker, PowerBI, Google Data Studio

Example Projects

Our Process Automation projects have included:

  • Invoice and accounting automation for a major e-commerce company
  • Trade booking workflow management, third-party integration, and research automation for a hedge fund
  • Purchase order management and vendor management automation for another e-commerce company
  • Hubspot deduplication, accounting reconciliation, and financial aid process automation for an online education company
  • Marketing Cloud deduplication for a NBA Team
  • Customer recommendation automation for a medical billing company
  • Back office workflow automation for another medical billing company

CorrDyn can help you understand the complexities of your business and provide solutions to become more efficient and grow. Learn more about how we can help you in your job function.