How CorrDyn is Different

We build trust every step of the way

CorrDyn is not like other technology consultancies. We are not working to win your project. We are working to win your trust by building your business. We do not sell software or solutions designed to lock you in to our services. We expect new projects to follow from previous projects that build your business and deliver value.

We approach our clients and potential clients differently. We sacrifice short-term revenue to deliver long-term value. We believe that doing so builds trust, and trust builds long-term relationships.

We are different

As a data/technology consultancy (DTC), we encounter a reasonable amount of skepticism about how companies in our role treat their clients. That is understandable. Many DTCs treat their clients as adversaries or at least take their lack of visibility as an opportunity to gain advantage. 

We approach our clients and potential clients differently. We sacrifice short-term revenue to deliver long-term value. We believe that doing so builds trust, and trust builds long-term relationships. 

These are some of the differences between CorrDyn and other DTCs:

We are technologists and strategists, not marketers

We don’t enjoy marketing. We enjoy delivering value to our clients. Selling our services based on marketing is not a path to success for CorrDyn. Delivering value to your business is. Our business has grown through referrals because this is a formula that works.

We don’t like losing clients. The easiest client to win is the client we already have. Our engagements are built around delivering value so that we can win the next project. 

Security doesn’t always drive immediate value, but a lack of security can quickly eliminate it. We know that the fastest way to lose a client is to fail to forecast security issues before they arise. That is why we integrate security reviews into every solution we provide.

We iterate to maximize value

Our first conversations with you are about what success looks like for your business and how data-driven technologies can better help drive that success. These conversations frame the value that we will deliver with every step of the engagement.

Our first engagement is usually an assessment to determine a roadmap to success and/or a proof of concept that demonstrates that success is achievable. Our goal in the first engagement, and every subsequent engagement, is to demonstrate ROI and minimize Time to Value. Those are our most important success metrics.

We are honest

If we are not the right partner to do the job you require, we will tell you upfront. Where possible, we will introduce you to someone trustworthy who can help. We believe that honesty builds trust.

If we see risks inherent in your technology approach, we will be transparent about those risks. We believe that transparency builds trust.

When one of our solutions has a bug or an outage, we deliver a report that clearly states what went wrong, how we fixed it, and how we will avoid that bug/outage in the future.

When we don’t know the answer, we say so. We follow up with the right answer.

We put you first

When you need to hire an internal team rather than an external one, we will tell you. We will not wait for you to discover it. 

If there is an out-of-the-box solution that drives value better than a custom solution, we will recommend the out-of-the-box solution. We explain the tradeoffs of each solution so that you can make the best decision for your company. We believe that a willingness to sacrifice our short term revenue for the benefit of your business builds trust.

We recognize that addressing and proactively mitigating security risks builds your confidence in our stewardship of your technology infrastructure. We prioritize your security as if it were our own. We believe that security builds trust.

We keep it simple

We do not make technology needlessly complicated. We simplify it so that non-technical stakeholders understand the best solution for your business and the rationale behind it. 

Simple solutions are often the best solutions. Simple solutions are easy to maintain. They are easy to test and evaluate. They are easy to hand off to your team. They minimize cost and maximize ROI. If we do not recommend the simplest solution, we have a strong rationale for adding complexity.

Your success is our success

If your business continues to grow and succeed, our services continue to be useful. 

We want your success and our success to be the same. That is why we structure our engagements to consistently deliver value that can be (re)evaluated by you and your stakeholders at regular intervals. We expect to be held accountable for our work. 

We believe that if we consistently demonstrate the value of our services, then your colleagues and contacts at other companies will recognize that value and want to work with us.

Now that you know about how we work, start the conversation to experience the difference first-hand.