For Marketing

Better quality leads. More conversions. Increased sales.

Marketing professionals know that data is critical to understanding the performance of campaigns, website and app optimization, and lead conversion.  CorrDyn can help you gather and validate your data so that you can improve lead quality, increase conversions, and increase sales.    

Business Intelligence 

  • Improve Lead volume, quality, and conversion
  • Manage ad spend (segmented by lead source, creative, etc.)
  • Assess and improve conversion rates (segmented by path, source, medium)
  • Demographics analysis
  • Promotion performance
  • Campaign performance  
  • Forecasting of leaf volume, quality, conversion, and revenue (adjusted for projected ad spend)

Enterprise Software  

  • CRM selection and implementation
  • Phone system automation
  • Customer-facing applications

Data Science  

  • CRM & marketing automation integration
  • Marketing platform & data warehousing
  • External integration to marketing automation system (third-party data, customer/lead web activity, demographic or financial data) 
  • Recommendation Engine
  • A/B testing, Multi-armed bandit  

Process Automation  

  • Advertising deployment
  • Ad spend allocation/reallocation
  • Ad spend ROI alerts

Systems Integration  

  • Payment processing
  • Shopping/checkout process optimization
  • Landing page optimization
  • Customer data capture

Strategic Consulting  

  • PCI Compliance

CorrDyn can help you understand the complexities of your business and provide solutions to become more efficient and grow. Learn more about our capabilities.